50% off damaged books


Nobody is perfect … not even delivery companies.  When the last shipment arrived, some of the books had been damaged, nothing too serious – a scratch here and a stain there. But still they do not look like new books, more like the books you would find second hand. Nonetheless, I think also these books […]

New cathegory – young readers


Diaspora is dedicated to quality literature.  For everyone. The store has up til now offered some of the best things you can read for adults and children, but something was missing – children for those of you who feel too young for Gospodinov, and too old for Malkata Bojana. That is now fixed There is […]

Philosophical breakfast

Tochitza's logo

Now you can find both books in Tochitzas series “philosophical breakfast” at Diaspora. The books are written by french philosopher and deal with a whole range of philosophical questions that are as important for adults as for children. The books are designed to be read by an adult and a child together, but I definitely […]

New arrivals!

2013-03-26 19.23.34

Mmm… yet again I have the scent of a large box of books in the room where I sit writing this.  The store has been loaded with new titles, and some sold out ones, from Janet45 as well a Tochitza. This time the focus is on younger readers, and not only for those who have […]

World Poetry Day – 25% off all poetry books through the weekend!

Tomorrow, 21th of March, is  World Poetry Day. If there is anything missing in today’s world of fast thinking and technological marvels, it is those seemingly unimportant words that lures the magic out of the everyday. So the need for celebrating World Poetry Day has never been bigger. Diaspora will celebrate with a campaign – […]

The month of Malkata Bojana

Malkata Bojana – the small Bojana is the grand daughter of Bulgarian author Bojana Apostolova (who is also the founder of Janet45),and the main hero in three children’s books named after her. The site Detskiknigi.comm is now launching the special Malkata Bojana month. Every week the site will be updated with news about both Bojanas […]

New books in stock!


Yet another parcel from Janet 45 has arrived, and the Diaspora catalog is longer than ever: It is also comforting that you can now buy anything Georgi Gospodinov, Maria Doneva or Milen Ruskov has published with Janet 45 from Diaspora.

New shipping rates

Finding the right amount to charge you customers for shipping is a riddle… so I have been forced to adjust the shipping rates again. But, like before a a flat rate applies, so you can really make savings when ordering several books at once.

Don’t read Bulgarian?


The main business of Diaspora is to sell books in Bulgarian languages. But alas – not everyone knows this beautiful language: If you do not – but still are interested in Bulgarian culture, we have a few titles to offer. I can warmly recommend all of them, and dare to bet that you will not […]


We have already noted that the Apocalypse didn’t happen last December, and look back at the huge interest in the Mayan calendar, from people who never paid attention to that kind of pre-industrial wisdom before. But for sure there really is something fascinating with the Apocalypse. The world in itself is curious, spellbinding, and the […]